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Website (2016)

Client: GiftOn
Role: UI Designer
Deliverables: high fidelity mockups, UI kit, style guide


GiftOn is an online gift inspiration community powered by narrative based user generated content (UGC). With its hard launch approaching, the client sought to expand its Facebook community into a fully responsive web portal where anyone can go to share, read, and inspire through the power of personal narrative. 


Gift On needed a human-centered user interface to increase user engagement and help users make authentic personable gifting decisions.

Research & Exploration

We began our research by reviewing the data and user interviews collected by our UX team. We did further research by conducting a visual competitive analysis to compare the visual style of various gift-centric websites, as well as specific elements and features. We zeroed in on elements that would effectively communicate GiftOn’s design principles and company goals.

We explored within and outside of the space during the competitive analysis. Sites such as Pinterest were similar in concept but didn’t necessarily reflect what the client wanted the user to experience. She wanted users to spend time on her site, lay back, relax, and do some reading. Thus, it was important we looked at sites that displayed mass amounts of reading in an engaging way.

For this, we looked at news sites like The Atlantic and The New York Times. We looked at fashion websites that reflect minimalism since it was important for GiftOn’s users to not feel overwhelmed or distracted by endless choices. Being able to focus and get lost in the gift story at hand was elemental to the product's success. Thus, we also looked at blogging sites that did a good job at creating a sense of community and storytelling to engage its users. 

Through research and analysis I developed the following key design principles


Real stories from real people giving or receiving gifts. GiftOn must clearly communicate its purpose as a destination for personable gift inspiration.

Clean & Crisp

A clear message that would easily be recognized by it’s target users and easily adapted, yet aesthetically distinct & fun. 


A design that serves as a canvas for the narrative as opposed to product photography. 


The UI must be conducive to building a sense of community amongst its contributors/users to spawn user engagement. 

Initial Design Concepts

I used these principles to frame some initial ideas with mood boards and style tiles. The feedback I gathered from the moodboards and style tiles was paramount in the process of creating key screens for the initial Gift On prototype.



By utilizing these elements, Gift On is able to clearly communicate the message of authenticity, clarity, narrative, and community.

  • Cards to create clarity by dividing up information in a manageable user friendly way

  • Creating an image to type ratio that emphasized narrative. 

  • A unique call to action for the user to submit and/or read a story

Gift Inspiration
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