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Local Guide


Role: UI Design, UX Research, UX Design

Outputs: User Personas, Competitive Analysis, Wireframes, Information Architecture, Mobile

UI, Marketing website, Clickable prototype  

Tools: Axure, Sketch, InVision, Illustrator 

LocalGuide is a travel companion app that connects users with local insiders and experienced travelers. A virtual information treasure trove of what to do where and how—right now.
Problem Statement
Users need a direct connection to local insight so that they might authentically and efficiently experience their surrounding environment when traveling.
Ali Anderson User Persona for ux project

User Persona

  • Maps that highlight waypoints and tooltips from other users (a la Waze). This will ensure the user is heading in the correct direction towards their intended destination and help them take the safest most efficient route.

  • A Library of To Do Lists (a la Thrillist)—This will replace the generic city guidebook feature seen on many websites and travel apps and allow for a more personalized experience.

  • Search feature (a la Yelp) enabling users to search by location and/or category.

  • My Trips feature that allows users to create lists to save places and events of interest.

  • Social feature allowing users to leave comments, reviews, tips, and ask other users questions.

  • In-App Booking and Reservations to allow users to make dinner reservations, buy concert tickets, or book a hotel room, on the fly.

Sketches + Iterations

Final Prototype

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