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web design &
creative services 
for mystical misfits 

Helping holistic wellness practitioners, intuitive founders, and creative multi-hyphenates craft an authentic and aligned presence in the digital sphere with UI+UX Design, Web Design, and Visual Brand Identity.

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App (UI + UX) Design
Content Design
Digital Experiences
Systems Design
Visual Brand Identity 
Web Design & Maintenance
St. Vesta is a digital creative studio in Seattle, WA founded by Shawna Stewart 

We specialize in helping holistic wellness practitioners, outlier brands, & multi-hyphenate creative businesses refine + align their message visually through designing websites, brand marketing assets, presentations, course design, mobile apps and more.

Our goal is to help you build your dream website and digital imprint with cosmic clarity to help your work feel truly aligned. 

Client Love

Brands & businesses I've worked with

“Shawna is absolutely wonderful on so many levels. She’s highly knowledgeable in many areas of the broad scope of astrology & truly helps you understand the implications and symbology of the planets and transits you’re dealing with."

Lisa H
Flow State

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