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Designer + Digital Humanist

I am a Product Designer and Digital Humanist who critically evaluates and creates digital products, systems, & processes. I’m passionate about investigating sociotechnical problems at both a functional & ethical level to identify & implement efficient, equitable, inclusive digital solutions. I use my technical skills in conjunction with UX research methods, intersectional feminist methodologies, and user-centered design to evaluate and create impactful user interfaces (websites, mobile apps), digital products, and information systems. I analyze digital artifacts by interrogating their functionality, practical usability, and accessibility both at a micro and macro level—within the context of the systems they exist—and by doing so interrogate issues of equity and inclusion.c

Through my service design work evaluating and analyzing web accessibility, I've identified the importance of addressing accessibility issues not only from the standpoint of those consuming the content but also with those helping produce and maintain the content. I truly believe that by producing digital systems of accessible knowledge, rooted in collaboration, we can foster inclusion and equity. That’s why I’ve made it my overarching mission to help organizations and entrepreneurs create digital and accessible information and experiences.

UX Design is a field that combines many other related fields and practices. It’s a field that’s constantly growing, changing and evolving. It’s a field in which you never stop learning. This work itself requires an understanding of human-computer interaction, interface design, computer science, and social theory. It aligns with my desire to understand not only technical and functional aspects of software and information systems but also their impact on people and society as a whole.

So whether you are teaching a class, designing the web site for your small business or nfp, or solving a complicated data architecture problem on the side, I can help you design an ethical and accessible digital solution to meet your goals. Have a project you want to chat about? Book a chat with me here or email me with any questions. You can also book me for a project directly on


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