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Metamorphosis: The Pluton Project

Pluto not only signifies collective experience in Astrology but has served a planetary mile marker for which we might categorize and define each generation based on Pluto’s movement through space-time and in the twelve constellations of the zodiac that we as humans have encoded with meaning. In the constellation of Scorpius (Scorpio), Pluto comes home. Pluto in Scorpio Generation: We are the much maligned destroyers of beloved oppressive outdated systems, structures, institutions, and ways of being. We are the demolishers of walls and the builders of bridges between identities and cultures. The Pluto in Scorpio Generation as a greater whole is deeply concerned with transforming operations of power associated with identity and disrupting identity as a fluid determinant of cultural attitudes and values in a given time and place.



I'm currently working on a collective creative project about Pluto in Scorpio experiences and looking for contributors! Interested in contributing or participating? Submit your info below and I'll reach out with more info as it evolves.


Millennial Generation born between:

- Nov 6, 1983- May 18, 1984

- Aug 29, 1984- January 17, 1995

- April 22- Nov 10, 1995

What can you contribute?

I’m intentionally leaving “contributions” open ended to allow this project to take form organically. It’s also my intention for people to contribute their Pluto in Scorpio experiences in whatever way they feel most called to do and in whatever way feels the most authentic to them—written word, artwork, video composition, playlist, collage, or via me interviewing you. It’s totally up to you.


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